Meow Baari

the cuddle creche for cats

A loving family to care for your feline babies while you're away on work or pleasure.

Meow Baari is managed, supported, and run by animal lovers and caregivers, who have been involved in rescuing and fostering of street animals in need (primarily dogs and cats) as well as extensive vaccination and sterilisation campaigns within the city of Kolkata for a number of years.

Your patronage allows us to continue our work with free-roaming cats and dogs; our earnings from the creche is used to fund our rescue, foster, vaccination, and ABC (Animal Birth Control) efforts.

Meow Baari is a cat creche that strongly believes in the safety and happiness of your pets.

We love sharing photographs of our boarders while they go about exploring our cat creche.

Reviews By Parents & Caregivers

Our cat creche and boarding services come highly recommended by our boarders and their parents.

We are pet parents ourselves, with a house full of rescue animals, and understand how difficult it is to leave your beloved pets with strangers.
Meow Baari is here to make your experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

    5 star review  An awesome place run by the most awesome caring person i have ever met.It's a second home for my little baby.She is just a 5 month old kitten and was there at Meow Baari for 19 days and is again there now after her spaying surgery as my job is getting in the way of caring for her for 24×7.The care and love she got there and is still getting is really beautiful and wonderful.Infact when i brought my cat back after those 19 days, she cried and searched for koel di all day.She was spoilt rotten with love and care by koel di.Koel di you are a really beautiful person..lots of respect and love for you.

    thumb Panchali Banerjee

    5 star review  I have to start with the most important point: my babies (Cinnamon and Nutmeg) were clean and happy when I went to collect them. My previous experiences had made me nervous, but from my first meeting with Koel Ma'am I was quite comfortable. The creche is very clean!! They have several cats boarding, but it is so clean!! :D!! The setup and design is obviously by someone who has cared for cats and understands them - Koel Ma'am put my babies at ease since drop-off. Nutmeg was a bit unsure (he is a more reserved and cautious baby), but Koel Ma'am gave him his space, and he found his ease and comfort soon. Cinnamon is curious and playful, so he made Koel Ma'am's office his playground without much invitation :P. The creche has a lovely arrangement with conveniently placed litter boxes, there are two flights of stairs which cats who are seasoned boarders roam. There are two rooms and Koel Ma'am manages it so that cats who are comfortable with each other are put together. I appreciated this since Nutmeg is a bit hesitant. The boarding rooms are airy and the cats have free reign. Feeding time is maintained and so are quantities - my babies came back in their original weight :)!!!! Also, the food bowls provided were not smelly. Koel Ma'am advised me to check for fleas - and I am happy to report that there are none :). But I had put them through a spot-on treatment before submitting them to boarding. This seems safer for me, so I did it. But none of the other babies there seemed to have ticks/fleas, so I do not think it is a requirement. Both my babies are happy, so am I :)!!! Thank you, Koel Ma'am, for keeping my babies so well :D! More than 5 stars 🙂

    thumb Sukanya Mukherjee

We are happy to answer your questions about our creche and boarding services.

Parents and caregivers are also welcome to make an appointment to visit Meow Baari before they decide to leave their cat(s) in our care.