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What the parents and caregivers say about us:

    positive review  They are doing a great job!

    thumb Ritu Roychowdhury

    5 star review  The best cat creche in my opinion. Rest assured that your babies will be taken care of as well as you take care of them!

    thumb Barshana Panigrahi

    5 star review  I have not been able to go on a vacation ever since I have adopted 2 cats..While dog creches are still there, it is difficult to find a cat creche. Thanks Koel Di for starting this creche..and keeping my cats with so much care.. I could go on a vacatiin without having to worry about Strawberry and Urvashi.. Wish you well for your future endeavours 😊😚

    thumb Shongeeta Sanyal

    5 star review  I highly recommend this creche. The love and care with which the cats are looked after is so satisfying , it shows on their faces and joyful behavior. So thankful to Koel di.

    thumb Jubilee Ganguly

    5 star review  Our rescue kitten puchki stayed at Meow Baari from 25th-29th of Dec. Before we dropped her off, we visited Koel to understand how it works. After talking to Koel, we realised that Koel truly understands and loves cats, and Meow Baari came about because of this love and empathy she has for fosters and rescues and all animals in general. We were convinced that this exclusive cat crèche was the best place for puchki's mini holiday. Our cat made new friends, and came back to us happy. She's become quite a snuggler now. Voluntarily climbing into our laps and asking to be pet. Thank you Koel, puchki is looking forward to staying at her favorite holiday home again.

    thumb Anjee Bhatia

    5 star review  I had left my three month old kitten, Champagne here for 7 days and at the end of the period when I was trying to take him back home, two of his new kitty friends wouldn't let me! I was not only surprised but more shocked since Champagne used to be a scaredy and shy baby who would freak out on seeing a cat in person, even if it didn't look at him. I was regularly updated with cute pics and videos of my baby which put me at ease since I was quite apprehensive of leaving him with another person. He is much braver and more talkative now. Our pampered son came back even more pampered from Meow Baari!

    thumb Rupsha Sb

    5 star review  My biggest concern when my daughter brought home an abandoned kitten was where to leave her when we are away. My fears were allayed upon discovering that Kolkata's best cat crèche was a stone's throw from our place. Meow Bari in Golf Gardens offers safe and comfortable boarding for cats when their families have to travel. Our Cattayani not only returned healthy and happy, she seems to have picked up some manners from the others residents as well! Thank you Koel for your loving care. Not only do you put owners' worries to rest, you might also encourage the hesitant animal lover to rescue and adopt, knowing Meow Bari is there as a second home. Your experience and expertise will reassure new cat carers. More 'meow' to you!

    thumb Debnita Chakravarti

    5 star review  Meow baari is perhaps the only place in Kolkata where animals are not treated as entities or profit bearing objects. they are treated as cute little furballs. koel di is extremely affectionate when it comes to cats. right from when you enter the creche the cat is taken care of. �koel di is one of the most humble and friendliest person I have ever met. the way she handles your cat, you will know she is a true animal lover. i had kept my kitty for 3 days and not for a single day did I have to worry for him as koel di was always giving me fresh updates with his fotos and videos. I knew he was in safe hands. when we came to take our Cat,I was surprised to see that she actually led our Cat till the gate. She is a gem of a person and selflessly cares for the cats.thank you koel didi..��� have done a great job by opening a cat creche within our vicinity..kudos to you ��I am sure meow baari is going to become a "didabaari" for many more kitties.

    thumb Riya Paul

    5 star review  Both Ma'am Koel and her friend knows how to deal with sensitive cats!! Well designed and secure , this is the best boarding you may get for your loved ones when you've got to leave them for a period.

    thumb DrDebapriya Sengupta

    5 star review  The Best Creche For Your Fur Babies ..Trust me The Care is more than one can Imagine..... Thank You koyel di ..for the Care ..Keep Up the Good Work..���

    thumb Soumya Gupta

    5 star review  I have to start with the most important point: my babies (Cinnamon and Nutmeg) were clean and happy when I went to collect them. My previous experiences had made me nervous, but from my first meeting with Koel Ma'am I was quite comfortable. The creche is very clean!! They have several cats boarding, but it is so clean!! :D!! The setup and design is obviously by someone who has cared for cats and understands them - Koel Ma'am put my babies at ease since drop-off. Nutmeg was a bit unsure (he is a more reserved and cautious baby), but Koel Ma'am gave him his space, and he found his ease and comfort soon. Cinnamon is curious and playful, so he made Koel Ma'am's office his playground without much invitation :P. The creche has a lovely arrangement with conveniently placed litter boxes, there are two flights of stairs which cats who are seasoned boarders roam. There are two rooms and Koel Ma'am manages it so that cats who are comfortable with each other are put together. I appreciated this since Nutmeg is a bit hesitant. The boarding rooms are airy and the cats have free reign. Feeding time is maintained and so are quantities - my babies came back in their original weight :)!!!! Also, the food bowls provided were not smelly. Koel Ma'am advised me to check for fleas - and I am happy to report that there are none :). But I had put them through a spot-on treatment before submitting them to boarding. This seems safer for me, so I did it. But none of the other babies there seemed to have ticks/fleas, so I do not think it is a requirement. Both my babies are happy, so am I :)!!! Thank you, Koel Ma'am, for keeping my babies so well :D! More than 5 stars 🙂

    thumb Sukanya Mukherjee

    5 star review  Piku's stay in meow baari was awesome.... It was a constant worry of mine about where to keep my cat when i m out...but i m glad to find a place like meow baari... The caretakers are not only gonna take care of their meal ..if needed they also provide medicines...has varieties of cat food so no tension regarding meals for your cat..and has enough space for your cat to play This is really a nice place to board your furry cat..

    thumb Pritam Ghosh

    5 star review  Thank you @ koel for your excellent caring attitude.............during/.after the vacation we felt "jonty-d-bodmaish" was in real good hand...........he was just two months old.........we were a bit anxious to keep him alive during the time we are away from is indeed a nice experience for us about "jonty's" boarding stay @ MEWO BAARI ...................THANKS

    thumb Dipankar Bhunia

    5 star review  Recently, I had the opportunity to leave my family of 4 cats (mother and 3 kittens) with @Koel at @Meow Baari. This is our first experience with cats and it has all been very new. They were so well looked after and we received daily updates on how the cats have been doing. Very happy. I would even say the cats were a little unhappy having to leave Meow Baari and all the lovely friends they made. Thank You once again �

    thumb Suvendu Halder

    5 star review  We can't thank you enough for taking care of Peeko so well. You took care of him like your own. I knew your place is the safest after my first visit. I never had any doubts about the care he received. We enjoyed the experience and I am sure he enjoyed his stay as well. 🙂

    thumb Shibi Jothy

    5 star review  An awesome place run by the most awesome caring person i have ever met.It's a second home for my little baby.She is just a 5 month old kitten and was there at Meow Baari for 19 days and is again there now after her spaying surgery as my job is getting in the way of caring for her for 24×7.The care and love she got there and is still getting is really beautiful and wonderful.Infact when i brought my cat back after those 19 days, she cried and searched for koel di all day.She was spoilt rotten with love and care by koel di.Koel di you are a really beautiful person..lots of respect and love for you.

    thumb Panchali Banerjee

    5 star review  Seemingly the first kitty out of Meow Baari was Byashon aka Pixie and had been adopted by us .We were so gaiety and reveled to have an addition in our family.Pixie has been the cement which caloused us and gave a whole new meaning to us and what it truly means to be an animal lover. I would like to thank Koel for the stupendous work she has been doing to help these innocent loving mischievous kids receive care ,compassion and clemency ,yes of course a sweet home too. Sometime ago we had another addition in our family when we adopted another rambunctious kid named Monster as well ! As the good ol saying goes the more the merrier

    thumb Ovais Aslam

    5 star review  Koel di is the best cat mom ever - your cat will be extremely well looked after and will have plenty of human and feline company at Meow Baari 🙂

    thumb Rituparna Mukherjee

    5 star review  The only place where I KNOW Koi will be safe and happy and loved and spoilt rotten because a)this was his home before he found a home in this home that he calls home b) I would trust Meow Baari with my life. (honestly, if it were possible I'd spent all day everyday over here. If I were a cat, that is) 100/10 would recommend, this is a place like no other! :')

    thumb Sejuti Bala

    5 star review  A creche where every feline customer is loved and cuddled equally. I strongly recommend the service.

    thumb Sudesna Ghosh

    5 star review  My babies were with Koel Di for about 6 days in October 2015. I have two cats and they are spoiled rotten, very attached to me and very very moody. This was first time I was keeping my babies with somebody else and I was anxious about it. But, Koel Di kept my cats in a very secure room. She was around all the time. She and other family members pampered my kids , played with them. Everyday she sent me pictures and videos of my kids... And the best thing is, cats are not caged here. They have an entire room to them. After my vacation I found my cats are healthy and happy. I was soooooo relived. My kids were happy and well taken care of. I cant thank enough koel di for that. I am coming back there soon and recommendin my friends this homely creche. I would also like to thank Nandini, Paroma and Meghna for recommending me such a nice place.

    thumb Subarna Bhattacharya

    5 star review  Having personally experienced how happy and well looked after the kitties are over here, I wholeheartedly recommend this creche. It's more than just a boarding facility, it's a place your babies will get tonnes of personal attention and genuine care.

    thumb Hannah Rohini Joseph

    5 star review  The only place I trust when it comes to my finicky cats. I usually come back to find them fatter!

    thumb Nandini Banerjee

    5 star review  I had my 3 cats staying at Meow Baari this February for 2 weeks. My trip was unplanned and arrangements were made very suddenly. Despite knowing the proprietor very well, I experienced the usual panic attacks - I wondered if they would be lonely, scared, fall sick, develop weird behavioral traits from the change. However, much to my surprise and relief, my cats settled almost immediately to the new setting. They were provided their own space and not kept in cages. They were allowed to have daily supervised visits to the rest of the cordoned off chambers. They returned home without any loss in weight, fleas or any other physical or mental change. The Proprietor, Koel Chatterji is a caring and careful animal parent and is almost the first one to volunteer to foster and sometime even adopt. She has enough experience in Veterinary First Aid, so cats with medical conditions can easily kept here without any worry. Meow Baari is the best Holiday Home for my babies 🙂

    thumb Meghna Nair

    5 star review  I have 3 cats, one of whom is epileptic and doesn't always keep the best health. I've cancelled more than a few trips because creche arrangements have fallen through. But last month I left town for two weeks knowing that she was getting the best care possible from a conscientious, caring pet parent who has adopted many abandoned dogs and cats and is experienced in veterinary medical care. My other cats, two healthy and troublemaking siblings, were also kept happy and entertained while I was away. I'm pretty sure I've found the perfect creche here.

    thumb Paroma Chakravarty