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A safe and loving cat creche in Kolkata for your beloved pets while you travel out of town for business or pleasure. Be it a few days or months, Meow Baari provides you the best alternative for your pets.

INR 300.00 per day per cat – includes lunch at 12 noon (fish/chicken – with/without rice or packaged wet food), dinner at 8:00pm, and two snacks in the morning and evening (dry kibbles).

(Subject to change. Please confirm the current rates while enquiring.)

Custom Meals:
If the boarder(s) are on a special diet, the parents/caregivers are requested to provide that themselves. We do not accept raw or cooked food as they tend to spoil easily. You are welcome to provide special/prescription packaged food.

We do try to get their choice of fish but that is not always possible. We discuss that with the caregiver(s) in detail before they leave their kid(s) with us.

Certain food products are not allowed at all:
Milk and all dairy products (since a lot of cats are allergic to them).
Raw fish/meat of any kind.
Grass, human snacks, puffed rice, biscuits etc.


Vaccination/Health Requirements:
We have strict rules regarding vaccinations of cats/kittens. The vaccination records are requested to be submitted with us when the boarder is dropped off.
1. Combination Vaccine: (Virbac Feligen CRP, Nobivac Tricat etc.)
To guard against Feline calicivirus, Feline herpes virus and Panleucopenia virus.
2. Anti-Rabies Vaccine

We also suggest that you deworm your cat(s) and treat them for fleas before and/or immediately after their stay.
Please consult your vet regarding this. Deworming and flea treatments are best carried out under the guidance of a veterinarian.

Any repercussions arising out of boarding un-vaccinated cats with us is the sole responsibility of the parent/caregiver.
Meow Baari clearly warns parents/caregivers against boarding such cats/kittens, since we cannot ensure that they will not come in contact with any cat/kitten with a latent infection.

We prefer to have boarders who are neutered/spayed.
Un-neutered or un-spayed boarders are restricted to select areas within the creche.

Meow Baari actively encourages freedom to boarders and socialising amongst themselves, and takes the necessary precautions and time to introduce cats to each other. However, parents may refuse any socialising of their cat(s), in which case we will have to cage the cat(s) and restrict them from direct interaction with other boarders. This is a decision solely entrusted to parents/caregivers.

Caregiver(s) are advised to make an appointment to visit Meow Baari before they decide to leave their kid(s) in our care.

Please review our Terms & Conditions here.